What is the security policy of D+ regarding pending files?

Dear all, please help with info regarding how pending files are treated

The help explains that files which are waiting for my review are treated as ‘untrusted’ files. When I look in the Predefined Security policies I can only find:

  • Windows System Application
  • Trusted Application
  • Limited Application
  • Isolated Application

Obviously the last two would be the candidate pilicies for untrusted applications. Anyone knows which, or is Comodo so smart that formerly trusted applications, now changed are treated as limited applications and new applications are treated as Isolated?

Edit the predefined security policy access rights and you will see the differences. Isolated is block all and limited is block some. Newly modified files will end up in the my pending files list and are supposed to be treated as untrusted. There seems to be a bug though, where this may not be the case and you will not get any new alerts. See this thread.



May be I was not clear, but my question is: what security policy is ‘untrusted’: limited or isolated?

Or maybe Comodo applies some intelligence and treats known pending files as isolated and new pending files as untrusted?


The way I understand it is that untrusted means CFP will show an alert for that program and you will be able to block or allow. If you want any special handling for that application, you have to edit it’s rule and apply either a predefined policy or your own custom settings depending on what you are trying to accomplish. To me, untrusted means I will get an alert the next time that program is executed and I can decide what to do with it. I don’t see any relation with the word untrusted and any of the predefined security policies. I guess ‘treated as untrusted’ could be interpreted differently though.



Well, maybe a Comodo technician would be so kind to answer this question.

I hope so. I’ve been waiting for answers on several issues that I have brought up. Either everyone is still on holidays or the team is too busy doing something considered more important than V3 bug fixing. :frowning:

I would love being wrong about this, but I predict for 2008 that we will not be seeing any V3 fixes until V 3.1 comes out.

O.K., I was wrong, but I was hoping for more out of 3.0.15.

Al (I need to word my predictions more carefully ) Adric