What is the purpose of cfi.dat?

After last upgrade (ver. 3.9.95478.509) I noticed that cfi.dat started continuously to grow. It is permanently opened by grcmdguard.sys for write and locked for other access. It became fragmented and there is no way to be defragmented, except by deleting in safe mode.

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I’m not sure what cfi.dat or grcmdguard.sys are, where are these files located on your system?

cmguard.sys is part of CIS

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The following files are located at “system32/drivers”:
All they are part of CIS. cmdguard.sys creates and writes the file cfi.dat. After several weeks it grows to about 5 Mb and it was fragmented at 117 parts - I deleted it in safe mode, and now it is 500 Kb. My question actually is - how big it can be? And second question what is the information stored in it?
I am sending you a copy of my current cfi.dat (renamed as cfi.txt).

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I must have been asleep when I answered your post earlier I didn’t make the connection from your first post.

There have been a few threads regarding this and as of now I don’t have a definitive answer. Please review these:

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