What is the PayPal donation button for COMODO?

A person who receives a FREE product such as this should be able to express their appreciation and provide some monetary support at their discretion[url].[https://bobbeactive.com/] It should be a matter of obligation for them.

Hello! Is there anyone out there who offers their time, services, products, and knowledge for nothing, nothing, zippo, absolutely free? Nevertheless, you might not like the idea of paying $10 a year to keep your computer safe.

That’s right, forego a couple of mocha lattes and make a token contribution if you use COMODO’s products. Don’t be a total cheap-a$$.

So how about adding a “PayPal Donation Button” to your homepage. or is there already one around here somewhere?

the best way to express satisfaction would be for each user to buy 1 CIS Pro license.

I would do it this way if, as I wrote more than once, the purchase modifications would be easier, more anonymous and above all offer more payment options: simply transfer the amount to get a license number and turn the free version into a purchase version. All without specifying age, date of birth, place of residence, name, “sleeping habits”. :wink:
Comodo still protects my pc succesfully - thank you!
Let me buy your full version like a garment in a clothing store: pay - get (to an e-mail address) - go

I am not as suspicious as you.
I have never been asked for my date of birth on a site selling IT products.

If you make a transfer, your bank account number will be known. It is much better to use a virtual bank card for an internet purchase (it is not usable after the purchase).
Your email address will be known because the seller has to send you the license key.

Your country of residence seems to me necessary so that the seller can determine your currency and calculate the VAT.
It is also likely that an invoice will be required so that the seller can justify his sale.

A brilliant idea, this would be useful in the case of unemployed users who want to donate;
This is also a democratic and fair way of charging, in addition to helping both parties… :stuck_out_tongue: