What is the difference between CIS, CIS Plus, CIS Pro and CIS Complete?

On this page I’ve found 4 different kinds of the same product branch “CIS”.
They are CIS, CIS Plus, CIS Pro and CIS Complete.
I want to know what is the difference between them to decide which one to choose.
Could you please post a table with full comparison of supported/unsupported features in these versions?
It’s a pity there isn’t one now (or there is, but it so hidden somewhere deep in the site structure).

Hi Drugoy, welcome to the forums.

Perhaps the following topic will help…

 [url=https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t57273.0.html]Differences: CIS "Premium", "Pro" and "Complete"[/url]

Hi kail,

No, it didn’t help: now I know that there is 5th kind of CIS - CIS Premium and the topic you gave me link to - there is only comparison of 3 out of 5 products.
Now someone please tell me what is the difference between CIS and CIS Plus in comparison to those 3 CIS (CIS Premium, CIS Pro and CIS Complete)?

The link you provided in your initial post gives you all needed info about differences.

I don’t get what you don’t understand.
Comodo Internet Security is the most complete security suite that you need for your home that contains a firewall, antivirus and hips. you get it absolutely free. if you want some additional services like: 24/7 security support or TrustConnect™ Wi-Fi Data Encryption, Remote Security & System Support, Virus-Free Guarantee or all these services in one you pay money. Or may be you just want to say thank you to comodo team for their hard work in developing free security you may also buy one of paid suites.

But if you just anxious that paid gives you more security like with other vendors with comodo you may sleep well at night using the free. it gives you all around complete protection

What do you find so difficult to understand?

One software suite (CIS, the same software suite for all, no limitations or restrictions period), and the option of several support services and 24 hour tech support / online support.

It is the support that you pay for if you choose to go this route.

The software (CIS) does not change with any of the options you choose.

Is this what you find so difficult to understand? The fact that a security suite is offered free, with no limitations whatsoever, and the same security suite is also offered with additional support options that you pay for?

Kail’s link does show and explain this.

Thanks everyone for explanations, seems like now I got the differences, but I’d like to admit, that these many kinds of products of the same branch may get easily messed up in users’ minds (I’m also talking about the state in which the information about them is being given to the user).
And please, don’t be that aggressive towards even such stupid users like me.

Could you please also add version number to the name of downloadable files on that page?
I’m currently using 4.1 and would like to try 5.0 beta: the little problem I met - is that there is not a link to it on the site, only on the forum.

The CIS 5 BETA’s & RC’s are only available to forum members. So, you will not find it on the website, only in an area of the forums that registered forum members can see (like yourself).

Sorry if i was a little bit impatient!
I just read the link you posted and if you understand English it gives you all differences that differ all types of CIS suites

I do understand English, but as I already said - not all CIS suites were listed there. But now I already understood the difference, thx anyways.

Thanks kaiil
:DI have decided to Change my NORTON to COMODO2011~ :-TU