What is the current temperature forecast in your part of the world?

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Our forecast attached.
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nice and warm here ;D this is in C

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I have an old Pentium D lying around if you would like to borrow it to help keep you warm. ;D

sounds good to me i could always use some extra warmth :slight_smile:

The weather is actually quite good at the moment.

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Ha ha ha LOL! EPIC… This made my day! :slight_smile: :-TU

Well in England… Rain most of the days, fog and cold winds like in books :slight_smile: LOL! 41ºF now so it’s a summer BBQ party LOL! Max this week we will get 54ºF.

Temps are Fahrenheit. Currently 13 degrees according to the thermometer at my desk. (With an outside sensor)

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Canada so it is metric.

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Quite a contrast in temperature variations.

I kind of have the feeling that I am the only one taking advantage of a cooling device (Air Conditioner), I need ‘Panic’ to join in so I am not alone. :smiley:

If you are a snowman, no offence. :wink:

Cloudy. :frowning: http://www.smhi.se/vadret/vadret-i-sverige/land/fiveDaysForecast.do?geonameid=2673730&redirect=false

+3,3°C right now.

The weather here believe it or not is actually pretty good… for now.
It’s not raining :o
Considering we’ve had record breaking rainfall and flash floods in last few wks this is almost sun bathing weather 8)

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The temperature outside where I live is forecast to go as low as minus four degrees Fahrenheit tonight. Right now it is 8.4 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

(:TNG) There is a place on the world ,where is not a sommer,spring, herbst or winter.
There is a place to be called - dancing in the rain -

Welcome to London.

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I bet you do not want to hear me singing in the rain. :wink:

(:CLP) Yooop I thing that a good idea for a new topic .

Hands up everyone who would like to watch and hear that.

There is still lot of space on you tube :BNC

Comodo would flag it as highly dangerous malware. :wink:

It was -16 F last night…

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Singing in the Rain

Let it Snow

Sunny Days

Winter Wonderland

Summer Breeze

The temperature dropped to –13,3°C this morning, and it’s clear now. (:s*) :slight_smile:

Well it was like 44F on Wednesday. Tonight It’s going down to -5F or so. Saturday and Sunday it’s supposed to be in the mid 30’s and then go down to -3 Monday morning. Crazy weather here.