What is the Best Internet Browser to you?

I think Opera is the best default browser with no addons… :BNC

Firefox with addons (No Script, Faster Fox & Ad Block) kinda beats Opera. so Firefox with these addons is the best browser. (:CLP)

I like SlimBrowser, which is not even on your list.
Avant used to be the best, but no more.
Opera might be OK if Roboform supported it.
All the Gecko-based browsers leave something to be desired, even if they are supposed to be more secure.


Avant and Slim use APIs and DLLs of IE. Therefore, they are shell more than a real browser.

IMO, Firefox is the best with necessary extensions.


Please don’t let this thread develop into a flame war or it will be locked.

Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem Toggie, it was only an info. :wink:


i’ve never had trouble with I.E., and i like the tabs option available with it now, but i do use Firefox sometimes.

Firefox with addons :slight_smile:

I use firefox with no add ons. I dont get viruses or spyware. Give firefox some more credit guys :wink:

Lol, I see no one thinks IE is the best ;D
Opera and Firefox are the best ones, but my vote goes to Firefox. Firefox without addons is good, but it’s safer with NoScript (and Adblock Plus, tho it’s just for blocking pictures).

Course its better to use add ons, but I think firefox and brains is more then suffice. :slight_smile:

Mine is Opera. Has the best and fast one thread download manager, you can download ANYTHING, and offcourse you can “transform” the your browser as you like (move, show banners, shortcuts etc.). The latest versions of Opera are exactly what i need.