What is SSH keypair? Need help.

I am planning to use the Comodo cloud for backing up my data. I am using Comodo internet security and it’s been good. Now, I would like to clarify certain doubts that I occurred after reading an article online about the encryption key management in cloud security.
I read that using a different SSH keypair would reduce the risk of key management issues. (Reference) Accounting, Business Consulting, and Tax Services | Wherever business takes you | MNP May I know the details about SSH protocol and how this technique helps?

Thank you.

Hello. Right now, I would advise against using cCloud as it is not currently under development. This may change in the future, but as of now the upload and download speeds are incredibly slow. i

I submitted a report to Comodo and had the issue verified, where a 2GB upload was going to take roughly 9 hours on my very decent internet connection.

So, right now I would look at other options. Hopefully Comodo will resume development on the cCloud system soon.