What is required to mitigate malware? Answer: a new business model!

What is required to mitigate malware? Answer: a new business model!



$49 a year all you can eat remote support and security. you made a typo eat not that it really matters.

I meant to put “All you can eat” as its a term used for “unlimited offers” like “all you can eat open buffet” etc…

thanks for reading it :slight_smile: What do u think about the content though?


pretty good i like it. How it shows the item you payed so much on and then have it break.

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Here I was reading it saying, Wow Melih, where do you shop? ??? Just return the the stupid thing if it doesn’t work…

Made sense at the end. :-[ :stuck_out_tongue:

comodo always developping new features to help the user,
just how much projects are still pendint?
i know about a “malware remover” and about the hight confidence “DACS”, what more is coming?

Pay and Pay again, at least someone is helping feed the rich wouldn’t want to see them starve. I’m not going to feed them though not without something in return. Thanks for helping protect and feed us Comodo. Kind regards.

Well, it would certainly be a better world if this bussiness model would be applied to all products ! Companies don’t want responsability, they just want more money ! Wish you all the best in your fight Melih, somehow your fight is our fight !

Really nice.

That’s exactly right Victor, its our fight! Comodo and end users are in the same boat! Our interests are aligned.

And its a fight we will WIN for our users!!!


I started to think that AV is the biggest fraud in today’s security world!!!
they can’t protect business environment!! Attacker WILL take the information which they want!!!

That is exactly why I never paid one dime for any of my protection. Some would say the antivirus industry is actually a legalized protection racket. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if some virus was planted on the computer by the software you paid for, only to persuade you into spending more money to fix it on the basis that the virus will destroy your data.

Just FUD if you’re talking about serious av companies. Just FUD.

FUD is the basis of Defense+


nice article :slight_smile: I enjoy reading your articles Melih

Keep up the good work and thanks for your kindness! :slight_smile:

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Exactly. You hear people say things like this from time to time, but can you imagine how doomed the company would be if something like that were ever proved? I don’t think any major developer would be stupid enough to take the chance… 88)