What is Port: DNS (53) UDP?

As some of the rules I set up for IE were causing me to fail PC Flank leak test, I went and deleted all of my IE rules in the applications section.

Now, every time I click on IE to surf the net, Comodo sends me a warning: Port: dns(53) UDP

I must allow this in order to access the internet. I looked up that IP address and it is for ns5.ATTBI.com

I’m assuming that this is my ISP and that I need to create an application rule to allow this?

I think that you need that application rule.

I’m in a network so I have a rule for UDP, Out, port 53, to my router.

DNS stands for Domain Name Server, and is a service provided to help translate IP addresses into readable addresses. Eg. = ns5.attbi.com
People seem to be able to interact and remember names more easily than a bunch of numbers, so the DNS function helps us do that. If you start a Command Prompt on your computer, type in ipconfig /all, the address you mentioned should be listed next to the entry:
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
The DNS function on your computer communicates with this server using UDP port 53, so it’s safe to allow and “remember this” for later use.

Hope this answers your question.

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