What is mpas-fe_bd.exe?

I’ve been search the Web for information on “mpas-fe_bd.exe” (c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\Install\mpas-fe_bd.exe) but there seems to be nothing out there (google only give me links that look promising but actually contain no relevant information). I’m running Vista, with all the latest patches.

I keep geting told by Comodo that “mpas-fe_bd.exe” is signed by Microsoft and is a safe application, but I get asked to grant it permission to run. But when I searched Microsoft.com, it came back empty! Very mysterious. I don’t know what it does, and it seems to reappear even after I manually delete it.

Can anyone help, please? It’s very worrying.

I presume you have Windows Defender because this exe runs every time it updates its definitions.

I can confirm this (VistaSP1).

There are more of these for windows defender update:

Give them “Installer or Updater” rights and most of the pop up’s should disappear.

Thanks for the confirmations about mpas-fe_bd.exe. It is still strange that Microsoft.com does not list this or even mention it on its Web site.

And I can’t remember… should I be running Windows Defender at the same time as Comodo? Should I turn off Defender?

I’s safe to run Windows defender along side with CFP and most other security programs :wink:


Honestly speaking Windows Defender is junk when compared to SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes.

It is, but as it uses almost no recources, it doesn’t matter to run an on-acces scanner which is free.


I have another problem. This one affects only Internet Explorer. Is it safe to allow Java to run “ssvagent.exe”?
I think it’s JRE 1.6.0_07.


It’s part of the Java updater so it should be safe to allow :slight_smile:


but it’s not safe to install java :slight_smile: