What is launch pad?

hi everyone (:WAV)

i’ve got very serious, important, basic, core questions about comodo launch pad :

  1. what is it?
  2. where can i get it?
    ;D ;D ;D
    sorry, i’ve looked in the forum, and everybody talks about it, someone said “hate it”, the others love it, mean while i have no clue about it.

Hi ganda,

Launchpad was sort of like a security centre from where all of the Comodo applications could be launched etc.

As of version 2.3 Launchpad was removed from CFP and was no longer included in the download of the firewall. As of version 2 of the antivirus this is also the case.
Comodo will eventually phase out launchpad from all their products, but it may be available as an optional download in the future.

Launchpad was phased out as the vast majority seemed to want it removed. Something similar/better may be available in future.


Even if you got hold of a copy neither CFP or CAVS would work with it I am afraid.

Keep checking the forums though, it is possible something new and more advanced than Launchpad may become available once the new versions of CAVS and CFP are finalized.


Good idea to check regularly, as you know Melih tends to spring nice surprises every now and then.