What is it?

??? just briefly if not extensive ???

Patience, grasshopper, Patience.

If the forum board exists, the software can’t be all that far off, can it??

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? :wink:

Just a quickie ;D. Will this be a beta release?


Ok, I can assume what is it, It is HIPS without FW part, Am I right?
Shall we start with bets? :slight_smile:

Edit: It is Comodos “Returnil” 100% :wink:

Please wait just for a very short while. :slight_smile:

our technology does not have the limitations that likes of returnil has (eg: they have around 500Meg of space that can be used… with ours its the whole of the free HD space that can be used etc).

also with our technology to set the protection you don’t need to restart the machine (to remove the protection you do need to start the machine).


sounds promising, hope you will integrate this in your firewall

Edit: downloading it right now :wink:

Just curious how this works… Is it differential virtual drives on RAM?

This is more like DeepFreeze…

It’s like alot off Visualization products, But we are aiming to be the best! :slight_smile: Hence this is only the first beta.