What is "Do protocol Analysis"?

I want to know exactly what “Do protocol Analysis” does. I have it enabled and I want to know if it will Interfere in torrenting or web browsing. I looked here Firewall Behavior Settings, PC Firewall, Firewall Protection | Internet Security v7.0 But it doesn’t really give me enough Information.

I’m not sure what it does exactly in technical terms. It might be related to pattern matching rules.
It performs detection and analysis on network traffic probably involving traffic classification, aiming to block traffic that it identifies as illegitimate and allow traffic that it identifies as legitimate.

Usually, as described in the help file, there is a standard for each protocol.

Checking this option means Comodo Firewall checks every packet conforms to that protocols standards. If not, then the packets are blocked.

It’s just another layer of security that might protect users against various DoS attacks.
It shouldn’t interfere with a (good) torrent client. You should try it and if it causes any problems it’s your choice to disable it. (Default = Disabled)

I think it adds good security by checking every packet for potential attacks, but I think that would also slow down connections by a bit (probably unnoticeable). I use Utorrent for file sharing and wonder if changing this setting in the Firewall would make it download slower.

Anyways, I’ll just test my internet connections with, and without it enabled and see if their is a difference.