what is \Device\KSENUM#00000002\{146F1A80-(...)}\暠(...)

Can you please tell me, what is \Device\KSENUM#00000002{146F1A80-(…)}\暠(…)

Can you post a screenshot of the screen or alert showing this?

Alert window: no, did not save it.

Event log: no, it is too old.

I just have the saved rule. I could delete it from the list and wait for it to come again. But I do not think, that there is more information than what I show You here.

Comodo Internet Security 5.12, Defense+, Computer Security Policy, Mozilla Firefox, plugin-container.exe, Protected Files/Folders:

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Can you post the full string of the device? The string you’re providing, \Device\KSENUM#00000002{146F1A80-(…)}, is not complete. The part between { } is not complete.

Yes, of course it is not complete. That is, why I added “(…)”.
Since I have absolutely no idea, what it is, it could be anything.
Can it be some private stuff, I do not want to be public?

Can no one tell me before, what “KSENUM” is?
Can no one tell me, what “KSENUM#00000002” is?

Are you using a Creative sound card? There is a ksenum.dll that belongs to Creative: http://www.fixerrorguide.com/fixpcfile/How-to-fix-ksenum.dll-error.html . It makes sense that plugin-container.exe would need access to a sound device.

If you are using a Creative sound card can you check the Device class guid of it under the Properties of the Creative device in Device Manager under the Details tab? Can you see if that string is the same as the one you see in CIS?