What is CTM exactly

Hello Guys,
Could some one please explain what CTM is and what is it supposed to do and is it similar to Comodo Backup.

In short - Comodo Time Machine is the next best thing since sliced bread. ;D

Periodically CTM will take"Snap shots" Of your system - It’s very fast and efficient as it only takes “snap shots” Of modified folders\files since the “Baseline” which is created at start up, Or another time If a user choses so.

Hi Kyle,
Thats great but what do you do with the snap shots and how does this help me and what does it help me with?

Lets say… you have CTM on a machine, and you let your friends use it… they infect it with a virus. Just use CTM to restore your PC before it was infected.

Got a problem that you know happen after intalling the latest drivers. Just use CTM to restore your PC back before you installed the drivers.

Its System Restore Super Boosted. ;D

Plus you can go back and forwards!

Do you still need to access Windows and start CTM to go back/forward, like you have to with Comodo BackUp, or can you restore (i.e. go backwards) by not even starting Windows?

You don’t have to start Windows.


After pressing Home key:


Ah, thanks, then I clearly see the advantage over CBU as CBU requires Windows to boot before you can restore a backup.

So you see that screen on every boot up?

Yes you Briefly get to see CTM during startup- Pressing HOME will get into the menu\console.

Watch languy99’s videos. :-La

Optional. You can check Do not show program logo during startup. Yes, Home key still works. :wink:

Does this also work if you use for example GRUB as a bootmanager? That is to say: Is it part of the Windows boot or is it a bootloader on its own?

So how is this deferent with Windows restore?

Windows Restore is meant for settings, not files. Comodo Time Machine can restore files (if I’m correct).

I have a NetBook and I can only use the Home key with the Fn key
The Fn key needs Launch Manager to be running and Launch Manager is enabled at StartUp

I am wondering, will the Fn + Home keys work when the CTM option is visible ?
If not, could a second key to press be added ?

All the best, woz of oz

Worst case scenario, you could connect an external keyboard.

Probably should not be necessary to press keyboard. As suggestion, in addition to bootable USB/ISO/floppy-disk creation, probably the software should detect whether the windows could be started properly or not and automatically open recovery (or at next restart) ~

Think about it that when you go back you will lose all data you made or saved before, also within program databases! 88)

Sounds great!!! Will I be able to -for instance- recover an earlier version of a xls spreadsheet that I mistakenly saved? How many older version of the spreadsheet I’ll be able to recover? Or just one, the last one?

Hi Eljo,

This isn’t necessarily true.

If you open CTM and click SETTINGS, under the heading ADVANCED SETTINGS, there is an option to “Synchronise these files or folders when restoring system to another snapshot”.

What this means is you can nominate certain files or folders, and their contents will be preserved, regardless of whether you roll forward or backwards by restoring a snapshot. It can take a bit of time, but it beats losing data.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: