What is Comodo's relationship to privsoft (former (?) makers of BOClean) ?

I’m curious about what is happening to privsoft as a result of this change to BOClean.

Did Comodo acquire privsoft?

Does privsoft continue to exist?
and if so, is it a subsidiary of Comodo?
or does privsoft continue to exist as a separate entity?

Did Comodo acquire BOClean sources from Privsoft, but not privsoft itself?

Did Comodo just contract with Privsoft to make BOClean for them to distribute for free, rather than acquiring BOClean outright or acquiring Privsoft outright?

Does PrivSoft still have rights to sell or market BOClean, or other products (perhaps with new names) derived from BOClean sources, to others separately from Comodo?

And what about the privsoft.com web site?
Does Comodo own that now?
Is Comodo responsible for that site’s content going forward?

Inquiring minds want to know. :wink:

And I am curious why you want to know that …

I think that is between Comodo and Privsoft, or if you want, between Melih and Kevin. They don’t have to explain their agreement to you.

Greetz, Red.

we acquired the assets of privsoft.


Forgive me for belaboring the point, but does that include the copyrights to all the contents of www.privsoft.com, including their newletters?

all assets… yes…

why do you ask?