What is Comodo Vunlerability Analyzer?

Is this app anything like Active Security Monitor?

AOL’s Active Security Monitor checks the update and patch level of your browsers and security applications only. Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer does these as well as checking the patch and vulnerability levels of many common applications, provides info on any detected vulnerabilities and info on how to patch or update.

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Ahh. This will be a very useful app then.

Does it give a score like 0-100 or something similar?

It’s in beta currently?

Thank you sir.

Yes it’s in BETA and yes it gives a rating on the vulnerability.

Did I see it was released in late april as beta? Any idea when it will be out of beta?

This would be great to have. AOL security monitor is pretty decent, but it gives some false notifications like “you are missing critical updates from microsoft”

Some kind of bug or something.

No release schedule yet.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this. I’ll use this app, no doubt about it.

As I said, I use the AOL active security monitor, it’s actually pretty decent. But its a bit buggy with the false readings, windows updates and AV updates, so I’ll switch to CVA happily when it’s good and stable. I’ll recommend it to my mother also (I was just helping her with her computer today)

Thank you panic, much appreciated sir.


This sounds like an application that secunia has, it is called secunia personal software inspector. In what way does comodo vulnerability analyzer distinguish itself from senuia psi?

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This is like Secunia.

However, Like all off COMODO’s Free Security Products, We have competition (To give you some examples):
COMODO Disk Shield Vs Returnil, DeepFreeze, etc.
COMODO Firewall Pro vs Other Firewalls (We are currently #1).




Thanks Josh and Melih for your explanations, much apreciated!

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Is this software running in the background all the time? or can I set it to run once a day (or whatever schedule I want) and then it would download a checklist and analyze the programs to notify me if there is any that needs to be updated, and afterwards shut down (when action is taken if new updates are present).

Will there later be and option to let CVA automatically install the updates of the programs?

Hi, just wondering if it will work like the “Shields up” vulnerability test at Gibson Research Corporation’s site (grc.com)?
In that test, a grid is displayed which represents the ports on your pc. If you place your cursor on any one of the squares in the grid, information will be displayed that identifies the port number and the title. If you left click on that square you will go to a page that describes in detail of what the port actually is for and if there are any potential vulnerabilities.

I’m glad to see that Comodo is working on such things as this to provide even more protection. I’ve been using Microsoft’s “Baseline Security Analyzer” to scan for missing patches or updates that might have been missed. It would be nice to have these features built into my CFP, but at the same time I don’t want it to become such a huge chunk of software that it slows my computer like Norton did with all the worthless extras that did absolutely nothing but eat up space and memory.



The COMODO Vulnererability Analyzer works like the Personal Software Inspector of Secunia. You can check that application on their website if you want.

As for CVA it checks all of your installed applications for software leaks by checking the version numbers of the installed applications and warns you if an installed application is outdated.

If you patch your whole system you still can be vulnerable if the installed applications have backdoors for example, that’s why there are applications like Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer!

I hope this will clear out a lot for you!

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Hi spasserfan,
CVA doesn’t download or patch your system but just informs you if it finds any application which is vulnerable/outdated.

After that it is upto user to act on that information.