What is Comodo Dragon?

Hi folks!

I’m having a lot of trouble finding information here in the forum. I wanted to know about Comodo Dragon but can’t find an ‘Overview’. Before installing I’d like to at least see a picture of what the browser interface looks like, can’t find that. Can’t get any real idea of user features or controls either.

Wanted to know about importing my Favorites from Internet Explorer into Dragon, no info. Can’t find out how Dragon’s Favorites or Bookmarks interface works for the user. Wondering if when Favorites are imported if they’re in the same format as Internet Explorer, in the same customized order [not alphabetical], and same Folders, sub-folders, sub-sub etc. Can’t find out if they even can be imported?

Wondered if Outlook Express will still work as my preferred email, being as it’s tied in to Internet Explorer, no info. Questions about installation, whether I have to uninstall IE first, or download Dragon to desktop and install, while leaving IE on the computer etc.

In other words what I was looking for was a general Overview of what to expect, or an FAQ clearly describing features, install, use, interface etc. I didn’t like the bad surprise of what came with Internet Explorer 8, the worst browser I’ve ever used. Even Windows 3.1 was better, and 98 and 98SE were miles ahead of this junk program. I’d like to know a whole lot more on what to expect in Dragon before I download and install.

I know nothing about Google, Google Chrome or Chrome based browsers and have no idea what parts or features are found in Dragon. This lack of info problem may very well be preventing a whole bunch of people from wanting to try it out because there’s not much here to tell them what they’d get after installation.

Thanks for any info!

heres a good start

Thank you!

I spent a lot of time, like a couple of hours, looking for that here on the forum and never did find it.

Thanks that’s a big help!

no problem glad that helped

btw i just searched google for “comodo dragon help” and it was the first link ;D :wink:

I admit that this time I didn’t use a search engine, expecting the information to be right here posted in plain sight. Seems like a pretty likely place to put it, on the Comodo Forum, and up towards the top of the Comodo Dragon forum page.

I dug through pages of CD Help and other Dragon pages and never saw it.


i agree with you. its a good suggestion, ill see what the other mods think.

You could try the Portable version first (select portable during install) and then decide to fully install it or not.

If you are a FireFox user you might want to have a look at Comodo IceDragon which is based on FireFox

Official Portable version is coming soon if you want to try it before doing a full install

All the best, woz of oz

Thank you, Woz of Oz, that’s very helpful!

Just now studying up on Dragon. I’ve used Firefox, it was acceptable but wasn’t my favorite choice, perhap’s Comodo’s rendition is significantly improved. One problem I had with FF was that it required that Cookies be accepted in order for it to function, which is unacceptable for me.

I’ll check out Ice Dragon too, thanks!

Have you heard of Google chrome or chronium. Its basically comodo’s version. It is a web browser to claims to be very fast and have the best security.

Thanks, Andrei!

I’m researching the Dragon browser now to see if it would work for me. Never used a Chrome based browser before, haven’t seen the user interface except in pictures.

Two things I need out of a browser: first simple, as close to point and click as possible. I’m not capable of complex fiddling with software, just not that smart. Second, I don’t want to have to accept 1st Party and 3rd Party Cookies for the browser to work.

I prefer the older Microsoft Favorites of Internet Explorer and would want to import that from current browser to new broswer. I also need to keep my Outlook Express email program, even though I know it’s insecure.

Thanks for the info, I’ll keep up the research!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. I have used dragon for several months now. So I feel confident in my knowledge of dragon