what is cisCA02.exe ??


For the record I am running Windows 7 Pro SP1 on a
HP 64-bitPavilion p7-1157c AMD A6-3600 APU w/Radeon ™ HD Graphics, 2.10GHz,
8GBs of Memory, IE 11, Zone Alarm Free Antivirus and Firewall Version 13.3209.000, Super AntiSpywarePro, Trojan Hunter, Malwarebytes Antimalware, Spyware Blaster and Windows Defender. I connect to the Internet via a Comcast modem.

I utilize Zone Alarm as my only Real-time protection and the other Spyware programs for scanning purposes only.

Up to about a week ago I was using the latest version of Comodo Internet Security (Free) when I started to have major problems updating it. It was suggested I uninstall and reinstall the program. I did just that but when the reinstall was finished I had a message on the Program monitor that the reinstall wasn’t working and I should go to GeekBuddy at a toll free number which was given to me to have it fixed.

I did this and the Geek Buddy started to try to fix what was wrong but after about 10 minutes the connection between him and my computer was suddenly broken and I couldn’t get him back. I didn’t want to be without a Firewall or antivirus program so I downloaded and installed Zone Alarm Firewall and Antivirus (Free) which I am still using as of now.

Ever since my experience with GeekBuddy and since switching to Zone Alarm I have found the following ‘warning’ in my Device Manager under Administrative Events labeled Software Policies every time I start or restart the computer::

…Access to C:\ProgramData\cisCA02.exe has been restricted by your administrator by location with policy rule {ad390205-8f71-4228-8c62-a972bffb8464} placed on path C:\ProgramData*exe.

Is it possible this is something left behind by GeekBuddy while they were attempting to fix my program?

If not, any ideas what it could be? And if so, any idea how to get rid of it? I have searched everything in my computer including the registry and can’t find any sign of it.

Thanks and regards,


Just a quick update to let others know I got to the bottom of this file and what caused the warning in my Event Viewer.

A good friend of mine suggested I should elect to "Show all hidden files, folders and drivers’ under the folder option in Explorer and then do a search of 'C:\ProgramData'.

Bingo!! After doing this I did a search of what he suggested and there it was – cisCA02.exe --. I also found two large Comodo folders each with more than 188 mbs while showing all hidden folders.

I then did a System restore while my settings were correct. Then I deleted the ‘cisCA02-exe’ item and the other two large Comodo folders. Then I put my folder option back to ‘do not show hidden files, folders and drivers’.

Then I shut down the computer, restarted, ensured all my settings and connections were working. I then went to Event Viewer and the warning was gone. Problem solved!

Thanks and regards,