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Recently, many a time when I connect to my home WLAN, CIS pops up a message saying my PC is about to receive a connection from another computer, IP address is, type is UDP. It asks me if I allow the connection. If I click Allow, another message appears, this time the IP is; and then again a message appears with IP address

On the other hand, if I select Block in the first instance, the same message would keep popping up again and again in succession (immediately after clicking on Block).

Could anyone please explain to me what this is? There is only one PC on the network. System: Win7 Home Premium 64bit.

Can you provide a little more information please. The port numbers involved in the connections and the IP address range you’re using for your LAN - see Network Zones - would help.

Thanks for your reply.

The IP range I use is to

Please see the attached picture for detailed information.

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Can you please give us more information about your network setup? Cable/DSL/Fiber Modem/Router.
Do you have setup the PC to be a ‘DMZ Host’ to allow all traffic to it?
Do you happen to run torrent software or something else that needs traffic from Internet access your PC?


The network is ADSL2. The PC is not a DMZ Host. I do not have any torrent software. My firewall is set to block all incoming traffic other than those sent from within the home network.

Running a network test from


reveals that all ports on my PC are stealth.


Can you open a command-box (start, run, cmd) and type

ipconfig /all

And PM me the output please?

Is your connection wired or wireless? It might also be helpful to know the make and model of the modem/router.

PM Sent.

The connection is WLAN (wireless). Router is D-Link DSL2740B.

Do you have a program like VM Ware or Virtualbox installed that could account for the traffic from

If you only have one PC connected - any telephones? - you might be seeing an IP address range from a neighbours wireless environment. Can you check the router logs?

No, I don’t have any of the mentioned programs.

I do have an analogue phone connected to the phone line (filtered using ADSL filters).

But the aforementioned “problem” (the message) only occurs recently. In the past I had never seen that message.

I was thinking more of a ‘smartphone’ of some sort.

But the aforementioned "problem" (the message) only occurs recently. In the past I had never seen that message.

As I understand, you haven’t received an alert from CIS to join a new network, it’s just the connections in the logs? This being the case, I’d try changing the wireless channel and see if it makes any difference.

I have noticed a new thing:

That message pops up every time when I open the Windows Network dialogue box (Open “Computer”, on the left pane click on Network, and then it lists all network devices on your network, during this time the message would appear).

Do you see anything apart from your computer/router in the network display? Have you tried changing the wireless channel?

I see two routers on the network, both with the same model number. One is called 2740B, which appears not to be connected (when you doubleclick on it it tells you to enter a password); the other is named DSL2740B adsl router, which is my router.

While it seems a bit strange, I know the “2740B” router is actually also my router as the model is exactly the same. This has been so for over a year now (though I have been thinking why it is like that).

Lastly, what do you mean by changing the wireless channel?


That seems a bit odd, I’d certainly investigate…

Lastly, what do you mean by changing the wireless channel?

If, as I’m guessing, you’re picking up a signal from a nearby wireless network, you can change the frequency your network uses to something different. It’s probably also worth changing the SSID. Check your router wireless Setup page.

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I have not heard from Ronny since sending the PM?

Have you tried the things I’ve suggested?