What happens when an alert times-out?

I just installed Comodo CIS. I have received a few Firewall alerts about connection attempts. One for port 135 and one for port 445. As I attempt to investigate the issue, I notice that the alert disappears after a minute or so. Does that mean it was allowed or blocked? This is not addressed in the help file. Then I go to the Firewall Event log and see that nothing is logged. Shouldn’t there be an entry there about the alert?

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Hey Cliff,

If an alert goes unanswered, CIS will BLOCK but not REMEMBER, so the block is only a per session block.

You can increase the time a Firewall alert is displayed by clicking FIREWALL → ADVANCED → FIREWALL BEHAVIOUR SETTINGS → GENERAL SETTINGS. The current default is 120 seconds. Maximum allowable is 300 seconds.

Similarly, Defense+ alerts can be modified by clicking DEFENSE+ → ADVANCED → DEFENSE+ SETTINGS → GENERAL SETTINGS. The current default is 120 seconds. Maximum allowable is 300 seconds.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks…Can I get CIS to log these default actions?

Hi panic, you said that:

...so the block is only a per session block...
but, are you talking about the operating system session? I mean, will it last until I restart the PC? If yes, is it the Comodo's behaviour for all kind of blocked requests?

Thanks in advantage for any help.

Correct - an unanswered alert results in a BLOCK action that is effective for the current operatng system session.

If you select BLOCK without selecting REMEMBER the block is also only effective for that operating system session.

Ewen :slight_smile:

thanks a lot mate for your reply :wink:
just one more question: if I hit the “Cancel” button instead? what about its meaning?
Can I think to it like a “skip” button or more properly like a sort of “Remind me later that question”?
So there wont be any kind of block or allow. Am I right?
I’m talking about CPF v3 that it’s the one I’m using.

please be patient…I’m a newbie! :-[

Is there any way to get CIS to log the actions taken when the user is not present to respond?

sorry mate, I don’t think so.
But I’m a newbie in those kind of topics and so I’m 100% sure about that.
We need to wait that some “Comodo’s gurus” will answer us! 88)