What happened to LoginPro??

This is a copy of what I said in the support ticket. Doubt i’ll get a reply.

What's going on with Loginpro? I was recommending this service to my customers, i even setup an account for a small business customer of mine. They were very happy with the service - until the service went down on Sept 30th. Now I have customers that are calling me to get answers, and it makes me look incompetent!! I understand that this is a free service, but being down for 2 days is inexcusable. There is no explanation anywhere on your website or in the forums as to what the explanation is for the downtime.

If Loginpro is something that Comodo does not want to continue pursuing, then discontinue the product instead of pissing off all the users of Loginpro.

By the way, I was considering becoming an affiliate of Comodo products. I don’t think that will happen now.

Regretfully Yours,
Charles Arruda
Charles Arruda Computer Care

I don’t care if the servers crashed from a DDoS attack, fire, earthquake, meteors, rat infestation, whatever. They should post some kind of an explanation about what’s going on, or just say they’re discontinuing the service. That would be the MATURE thing to do.

P.S. That’s funny, I can’t find any p*****-off smileys in the Comodo editor to end the last paragraph.



Replaced with:


Their email to me today

Hi ,

Welcome back!

Please be informed that LoginPro has been discontinued. The product has been replaced with Comodo GeekStein, for more information visit : www.geekstein.com

Thanks and regards,

GeekBuddy Technical Support

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Yep, received the same email. Too bad it doesn’t work. :-TD When you register and click on the confirmation link in the email, it comes up with a java error page.

Why release a product that cannot even accept your confirmation when you register?? Sounds like premature ejacula**** to me.

I think they programmed the abomination aboma care ACA site too