What Happened to I-Vault

Does anyone know why i-vault is no longer available.

Hi Everyone,

i-Vault has been currently putting on hold, and is not getting any developer attention right now. This is due to a new infrastructure that is under development, which might replace i-vault. Comodo does still believe in Safe Logins but there are other development activities going on to achieve something at higher standard then i-Vault.

The problem is that the current version of Ivault is quite buggy, and current users are being left stranded with this version.

A great pity since it is still the most secure password manager available.

Surely a company that is attempting to build its reputation like Comodo should be worried about this and at least devote the small amount of development effort required to eliminate the 4-5 main bugs in the secure password functionality (most of which appear to be DB connection time out problems)?

The automated log-on facility could be retired or clearly flagged as an ‘take it as seen’ extra, as much more effort would be required to sort automated log-on out and bring it up to date.

At the very least a commitment needs to be made that the new technology will import Ivault password files, and some sort of indicative date given for launch.

Please ask Melih to consider this very small request from devoted Ivault (& Comodo more generally) users, many of whom are frequent contributors to Comodo projects.


We need this program back. Can you make it work with Comodo browsers?