What happened to Game Mode in v10?.

Since it appears that there is no longer a Game Mode setting in v10 what would be the recommended setting/rules for running a game like Elite Dangerous which is constantly in touch with its servers during gameplay?. Would setting a similar set of rules as are recommended for Bittorrent be a good soluition?.

Game mode has been renamed to silent mode.


Chiming in directly from the forum search! :wink:
Is this really all there is as far as catering to gamers go? I mean, the Silent Mode merely supresses the messages. All other components keep happily grinding against any game that is run. I’ve recently had The Signal From Tolva (from GOG via GOG galaxy) sandboxed and what not. Plus I simply refuse to believe a full set of security tools like CIS has no impact on gaming performance, especially with regard to frame time. https://www.vortez.net/articles_pages/frame_time_analysis,2.html
If you refuse to add an actual gaming mode, why don’t include an option to not show a popup with time period selection + permanently whenever a CIS component is disabled?