What happened to firewall ?!

Recently I did my first Windows 10 installation, along with CIS. Today I noticed there’s no firewall module listed neither in basic nor advanced view! In fact, there’s not a trace of firewall across the board. Settings, logs, nowhere. Did I miss something?

Hi Bucic,

Have you unchecked Firewall option during CIS installation? Could you please reinstall CIS and check.

I recall I had so much troubles finding the official cis installer on the main website I started to think Comodo is an abandonware or something. Could you please post a link to the page with the installer? I don’t mean a direct link.

Please try this Page


Care to take a challenge? :slight_smile: Point a download button here Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security
I was taken there from here SSL Certificates - Optimum SSL Certificate Authority by clicking on [Comodo Internet Security Free - Free Download]

OK, Firewall has installed. This is embarrasing :slight_smile: I really don’t recall unticking it in the installer options!

While we at it, HIPS is still de-activated by default, as I mentioned here https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/windows-10-installation-questions-t124890.0.html