What happened to DB Monitored?

After my bug report got zero response from you at Comodo, I went ahead and assumed that the apparent removal of the DB Monitored feature was by design. I tried the 2.0 beta version to see if it was working there and it was not so I went back to the stable version. I did a clean install and ended up with no applications monitored by the DB. So whats the deal with that feature? Why hasn’t it been working for weeks now and is it coming back?

The database feature was creating massive overload on the servers and it has been stopped for redesign or until we find a proper solution to reduce the overload.
It will be turned on soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello, is DB monitored available again? I’m thinking of using Comodo Programs Manager, and DB monitored would be a great feature. Does the problem regarding servers overload already fixed?

Shameless self bump. :frowning:

It’s still not working. CPM was put on “hold” so it probably won’t be fixed until they start working on it again or never.

But does the malware check before installation still happens?