What happened here?

I just had something weird happen. I had CTM 2.9 installed. i wanted to move some free space from my documents partition to my windows partition, so i booted into gparted and moved around some space (i totally forgot that i had CTM installed) so when i booted into windows i kept getting a BSOD after the windows logo. To fix it i booted into my windows 7 repair disk and repaired the MBR. Windows booted ok but i noticed that CTM was uninstalled. The program files were all deleted, does repairing the MBR remove CTM? is there a way to check if the snapshots are also deleted cuz i dont want them taking space if CTM isnt installed


I don’t know if repairing the MBR deletes the CTM program files, but since CTM basically replaces the Windows MBR, repairing it will in effect kill CTM.

The snapshots are stored in the unused portions of your HD. Windows doesn’t even know they’re there, so I doubt they’re taking up space as far as the OS is concerned.

Perhaps somebody who understands the technology better than I will speak up.

does repairing the MBR remove CTM?
Affirmative. No repartitioning should be done when CTM's installed. Also should not add/remove any HDDs or install a second OS when CTM's installed.
Windows doesn't even know they're there, so I doubt they're taking up space as far as the OS is concerned.
Also affirmative. Once CTM's disabled/removed, the space used by it for saving snapshots is also freed up.

once i saw the BSOD i remembered i had CTM and knew i messed up, good thing i know how to fix it ;D

It’s a good thing that you realized CTM was installed and chose to rebuild the MBR, if you had used Windows Repair Disc to repair damaged files etc without disabling CTM first, it might render your system failed completely.

So you did the right thing :slight_smile:

If you restore Windows MBR you will lost CTM.
In CTM 2.8 you will be returned to baseline!!!
In CTM 2.9 beta you will have only the last snapshot.
In both cases, all other snapshots are lost.

im glad i didnt have 2.8 installed or i would have lost a lot of programs. Well ill lock this topic, i just wanted to see your guys thoughts on why CTM got uninstalled after rebuilding my MBR.