What happen?

Since the most recent Comodo update (everything I launch gets sandboxed)


Are Microsoft files being sandboxed as well?

What happens when you run the diagnostics?

Microsft apps like IE, Win Explorer, notepad, wordpad, mspaint launch w/out issue.

Diagnostics reports no errors found.

IRfanview, VLC (vido lan player), open office, FTP Voyager, et ali (ALL of my previously established trusted apps) do no launch even so they ARE in trusted files. Moreover, despite clicking do not isolate this app again, the app is being sandboxed.

This on most recent v5.3.176557.1236 with the latest auto-updates that didn’t change the version number. I believe the latest update ■■■■■■■ something up. This has been working two-thumbs-up fine for almost a year now.

Problem can be resolved by changing computer security policy from custom to installer/updater. But why would I want to do that; that defeats the whole point of CIS HIPS. Moreover, there are oodles of ‘unknown’ processes running in the active process list; all of them are listed also in trusted files.

Probably something went wrong during installation process. I suggest you to remove CIS with Revo Uninstaller in Advanced Mode and after restart, install again.

I agree. Please reinstall CIS using the methods I discuss in this post.

Took screenshot of ‘trusted files’
exported firewall, internet & proactive configs

Deleted Comodo via Comodo add/remove, ran CSC v2.2.335611.5

installed cispremium_5_0_162636_1135.exe
imported firewall, internet & proactive CFGX files.
manually created trusted file list from aforementioned screenshots
revert computer security profile back to ‘custom’ for those that where changed to ‘updater/installer’ (like they were before this hiccup)
deleted weekly scheduled virus scan task
updated virus signature database from left-panel icon (which, like, after forever - download 137 MB - the status became: virus database has never been updated)
1.25 hr later it still hadn’t discovered that the version was out of specs, so I clicked ‘check for updates’ (in the ‘MORE’ panel).

CIS did its download/install thingy (which took, like, forever).

Two ‘run as’ pop-ups appeared asking for which user to apply the update. The check-box ‘restricted user’ was selected and applied the first time. Given that administrator privileges were in affect at the time, dunno what that would do (I unchecked it for the second time). I don’t recall if that was an issue on any of the previous auto-update occurances.


Virus def status STILL: never updated. Clicked update button: proceeds to download an additional 86 MB (oookay…). CIS update shield appeard for about 10 or 15 seconds and then disappeared. 12 hours later I had an app update shield again ( clicked on it and it did its thing.

Anyways, I’m golden now. I figured there was no choice going through all that after CIS crashed after asking me what do do about CrashReport.exe