What free AV to use with CFW?

what is a good, light and compatible free AV to use with Comodo Firewall?

CIS or CAV have a very basic av detection (maybe worse than Windows Defender), so I won’t use them to improve a real-time signature based protection. At the same time, it’s hard to find good combos.

Do you have tested some combinations with good results?


WD is now pretty good so i am just using it.

I have recently tried Avira, Panda, 360TS and Avast with CFW. I would say Avast was lightest but, as I said, WD is now pretty good and integrated into the OS. I use cruelsister’s settings and subscribe to her X+Y=100, where X is the value of the AV protection, and Y is the value of CFW protection. In other words, it doesn’t matter how good or bad the AV is as CFW will do the job.

You can find Meghan’s video reviews of CFW at Malwaretips.

WD? Western Digital? :wink:

I would never trust Windows Defender as there are better options. I disabled Windows Defender as it slows everything down. I tried Avast with Comodo Firewall and found it was kinda of slower. I been using CIS for 7 years with no issues.
I found Avast sensitive, I used it on Windows XP. I seen a box pop up before windows shut down with avast in the dialogue. I went to turn on my pc and it won’t boot up. I
I was going to use Comodo Firewall with Avira but I seen alot of talk about pop up ads for there products were showing.
I would stay away from avg as I got a sassier worm. It was years ago but it was not a cheap fix. It is best to research what is going to work that won’t slow windows down. Like I said I been using CIS for 7 years with no viruses or malware. I recommend CIS to anyone that wants good protection with without slowing down there pc. I stopped pushing Comodo Dragon and Ice Dragon since there is no recent releases and no actual release date.

Hi Guys,
I agree with CIS is the way to go, using CAV/CFW results in no compatibility issues. :-TU
IMO the only AV test worth its weight, is real life testing.
Detection does not equal protection. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

I’ve turned WD off and just using CFW.

So, Comodo continues to develop the AV component, but every personal PC comes with Windows Defender (that is better than CIS’s av) for free.
If you only want the firewall component, you are not able to pair it with a good AV because it will be incompatible.
Does it sound weird only to me? :-\

Wouldn’t it be more logical if Comodo:

  • stops spending time/money in the AV because it is a non-competitive product, competitors has far better AV products.
  • starts spending time/money in being compatible with other AV products, so that final users aren’t forced to adopt a useless AVs because of incompatibility issues.
  • keeps spending time/money in anvanced prevention techniques, and provides FW/Sandbox/Hips/Domain/… protection.

I don’t think the Comodo AV is doing as badly as you suggest and I am not sure Windows Defender is doing that well either. WD also is a resource hog when opening a folder with executables.

When it comes to compatibility between firewall and third party AV it is something that cannot always be prevented. That being said Comodo always appreciates a bug report in the required format and will look into it.