What exactly is Threatcast and is BO like CMF

I have a few questions. I have been watching that you guys have been working real ■■■■■■■ this new update, which I can’t wait for it to be released via autoupdate in CIS. I was wondering what exactly is Threatcast because I can’t seem to find any info through the search, just that everyone wanted it implemented asap.

As for this Buffer Overflow addition, is this CMF integrated or something similar. If it is CMF do you need to uninstall it before this is enabled so you don’t run into issues or is it the same thing else?

Because I liked CMF but I kept running into issues with the CMF needing me to configure exclusions which was kinda annoying. Ex: jqsnotify.exe

Any info would be wonderful, and thank you for all the hard work! Love your products! :ilovecomodo:

Hey there,

Threatcast is a community based information tool . You can see who blocked a file and who allowed it. It’s pretty handy if you don’t know what to do and it’s used by other users before

Well, I sujest you uninstall CMF if you’re going to use the new CIS. Why ? Because it’s useless using 2 engines that are the same at the same time. This one should also be a bug fixing version, so I sujest you try it out :slight_smile:

I hope I could help you