What exactly is safe surf?

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What exactly is safe surf. There is absolutely no information about what it does anywhere. The only info on the web is how to remove it, but i want to know what it is and what it does.

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I found a tiny bit of info about it (safe surf), but it makes no sense. It says you can search/purchase things thru safe surf. But safe surf is nothing more than a small box that says:
disable protection on all applications
enable protection on all applications except thoes added below.

There is no way to do any searching of anykind with this. SO what is it really?

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I’m not sure whether or not you read the full post, but that clearly explains what it does.

A. Apart from helping comodo a little bit by using Safe Search… You get buffer overflow protection.

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Comodo Search Toolbar with Safesurf Technology is composed of two different elements (They can be uninstalled separately):

ASK Toolbar: Comodo Search toolbar based on ask.com infrastructure. Ask search engine is also the default Opera 9.50 speeddial search engine.
Comodo Safesurf: CMF BO protection technology. It can be configured using the Safesurf button on IE Comodo search toolbar (I cannot test FF toolbar as it doesn’t work with FF3) or a corresponding icon in the tray area.
Safesurf Icon is

You can find Safesurf related files in [b]%Program Files%\COMODO\SafeSurf[/b]
You can download a test to check how BO protection technology works in Buffer Overflow Testing Application topic (the first two tests may be trapped by MS DEP).

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That info topic you read explicitely mentioned this.

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im sure the answer to my question is out there but i cant find it so here goes…How do you remove all of safe surf? its not listed in “add or remove prograns” in advance Thank you.

Add/Remove “Ask Toolbar”.