what exactly is ccs?

CCS seems to be a hybrid of AV and CSC. So, what does it do/dont do that the AV/CSC does do?

Its a diagnostic tool. Its about scanning and informing you what needs to be done for the health of your computer. Its a tool that our technicians used to use, so we made it available to our users.


Can it be used in conjunction with existing anti malware software?


I’m still wondering why CSC can’t fix all of the registry errors that CCS detects. I was told they have the same engine? ???

I just installed and run Cloud Scanner but it wants me to connect with technician to fix the errors found, whats with that? Can’t cloud fix them on it’s own?
Does Comodo have people just waiting around to fix anything, considering this is a free program…am I missing something here?

pls read this CCS is a diagnostic tool .

Its a tool created for our techies to find out all the problems with the computer. So you can use it to find out all the issues with your computers. And by all means you can go ahead and download all our software, from CIS to CSC to try to fix these issues yourself.

We also have techies available (24/7/365) to fix issues (but this has a fee after a trial period).


Many companies are beginning to move into the Cloud scanning methods. Just think, an antivirus that is always up to date without it actually having to take an update, strange idea huh?

Panda security came out with a Cloud security suite, it’s an idea that has been in the works for a long time and eventually you’ll see more and more security suites moving into this direction. As malware databases grow the idea of a all virus signatures being hosted on a Cloud system will become the norm. Of course it won’t replace our traditional signature based system completely (not for a while anyways) as there are circumstances where one needs a working antivirus with a database on a system without internet access.

I actually have to disagree on the fact that signatures will be going anywhere. By that I mean signatures are becoming more useless everyday. What you will see in the future is adaptive security with real time AI built in that can make decisions based on multiple system factors. It will be able to identify malicious activity on it’s own and clean the system out without any user interaction. If we are to really eradicate the malware problem once and for all this is where we need to go. I also suspect that security companies in the future will have AI systems that scour the net to identify new threats. You computer will be part of a bigger CPU network that can work in petaflops to neutralize new threats. But this of course is just my opinion. ;D