what exactly is BOCore.exe? [resolved]

Hello… I was just wondering what the component BOCore.exe actually does? Does it have to be running all the time or can it be stopped without ruining Boclean’s effectiveness.

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Why would you want to stop it ???

It needs to be running.

I was just wondering what the component BOCore.exe actually does?

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Indeed it does.

Quoting Nancy McAleavey on the release of BOclean 4.21:

What's new in BOClean 4.21? Note the new BOCORE service, a kernel monitor designed to catch nasties before they can "root." And for those who managed to grab "root," BOClean 4.21 can see them when your antivirus, antispyware and firewall CANNOT as BOClean always has been able to. The latest nasties can live at "kernel level" and hide from "user level," but BOClean 4.21's BOCORE *lives* in the bunker of the kernel level, unlike any other antimalware can do. BOCORE is only the beginning. We've seen the newest of nasties that can even hide at ROOT level, and that's the reason for BOClean 4.21 and the rush to get it out. When rootkits can hide from the kernel, there's serious nastiness ahead and BOClean 4.21 is ready once again with its baseball bat to take them out.

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Another piece that needs to be in the FAQ.
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