What does this mean please FALSE POSITIVE??

THANKYOU JOSH :slight_smile:

virus scan result is this false positive also i just want to know why i had to do a manual scan to find that there was a virus and why auto detection did not pick it up or even why defense + did not pick it up i had to do maual scan then it got picked up thankyou

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Hey kamy !

Click on additional options and browse to attach it (see my attachment below). Also can you provide more information about this jpeg file marked as malware? If you know it is a legitimate file, I can move this (or any other moderator) to the False Positive Reporting Board.

EDIT: moved to FP board here.

No worries. Reason why the real time detection and prevention didn’t pick it up is because that particular file was unlikely not executed, meaning it’s just sitting there doing nothing. But no problem, it’s an AOL file and the FP should be fixed when a Comodo virus analysts responds here (won’t take very long).


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thanks josh you moderators are the best!!!

I think comodo is the best cis suite it so great my old anti virus would never have picked this up :slight_smile:

comodo all the way!!!

so was it false ?

ps my pc came with aol preinstalled but i have never used it came bundle with my pc as a offer

It is a false positive, yes. We will wait for an virus analysts to respond now.


Hi kamy,

We have identifed the mentioned false detection.
It will be fixed in next updates. Thank you for reporting FPs.

-Chandra Mohan

Hi Kamy,

Mentioned False detection has been fixed in DB 1347.

-Chandra Mohan