What does the new version of the firewall have?

I just got an auto update.

Hi cheater87

* Fixed the vulnerabilities addressed in http://www.matousec.com/info/advisories/Comodo-Multiple-insufficient-argument-validation-of-hooked-SSDT-functions.php * Fixed the incompatibility problem with ArovaxShield * Fixed some bugs reported by users

The full version is still so it appears the latest update can only be obtained via the update facility in the program. When will the full version be updated?


Hi Henry

True the web page hasn’t been updated yet. But, in the URL I referenced (Source) BBQ posted a direct link & that does work.


I stand corrected… Apparently, despite the web page saying, you will actually get from that page. I’ve not personally tried this.


Thanks for that, I am downloading from the link you gave. When I tried it from the main download page, the file name was of the old version, so I aborted the download.

In case you are wondering why I want the file, I also need to install it on my laptop, and don’t always have to have a fast connection available.


Hi Henry

That’s OK, I do the same thing. The only reason that I tried the internal CFP update is that I’d never used it before (beta testing). However, I did realise that CFPs internal update is an “update” (doesn’t require an uninstall/install), where as the Set-Up is a new installation & it requires you to uninstall the previous installation first. So, personally I’d like a direct link for the update as well.

Me too, it’s a shame that the full version can’t also just update an already present version.


For all I know, it could well be the same EXE with some sort of option used to make it upgrade. I’ll try & tease this out of Egemen.