What does the INSURANCE really mean?

This is what you would see when clicking on that comodo logo in the corner of the website

ok now my question is:

what does that insurance mean?

that if I “invest” money in that company’s website and maybe the owner, website, and everyone else related to such company disappear (while I have yet to be paid off from the previous investment) I will get the 100% amount of what I invested up to that $1,750,000?

In the event that this happen, what should I do in order to receive the loss I have made?


I would say that you need to contact sales for an official answer to this question.



As far as I understand it insures that the website you are looking at is indeed by the party who the website claims to be from. From the Trustlogo home page:

Trusted third party validation of a website identity

You can read this and also this to answer your question.