What does the BO in BOClean stand for?

What does the BO in BOClean stand for? I’ve searched the forum but have been unable to find an answer.

And do is it pronounced? b-o-clean or bo’clean or boc’lean. It helps when recommending the software to others.


AFAIK, In it’s humble beginning BOClean was a tool aimed at removing a famous nasty called Back Orifice Trojan.
Hence the name Back Orifice Cleaner, Which became BOClean and which now is CBOClean.
Around here CBOC is recognized by most folks.

Obviously the tool grew and the name just stuck, and so it is B-O-Clean or C-B-O-Clean for pronunciation.

Also FYI the original developer now works for Comodo, Kevin McLeavey (probably misspelled) and they are actively working to incorporate it into the CIS suite.


Thanks Bad.

I’m surprised more people were not asking. In my idle moments I will see if I can come up with another meaning for B-O, one that can be applied to today’s function of BOClean, unless Kevin and the team at Comodo decide to rename the product.

I must say I am very pleased with BOClean. I use it conjunction with a real-time virus checker and so far the combination is being effective.

I think it is hard to convince people that BOClean is actually doing something. As it’s not a scanner, it’s easy to think that nothing’s happening, not unless you understand how it works. Like insurance, it doesn’t look useful until you actually need it.

i asked the very same question long time ago. and yes, BO stands for Back Orifice. :slight_smile:

Almost ;D Its Kevin McAleavey :wink:

Greetz, Red.

I thought it was short for Body Odour!!!javascript:void(0);