What does Purging a File Waiting for Review Mean?

In the Firewall Application, I had 881 files “waiting for my review” in the Proactive Defense Panel. By mistake, I purged some 400 of them. Uh, what did I just do? Did I remove these files from my computer, or did I merely remove them from the list of files waiting for my “review.” By the way, I really have no idea how I would “review” these files, since I have absolutely NO idea what most of them are. Any advice?

The files are still on your computer. Purge just removed them from your list.

A Google search is a pretty useful way of finding out what various files are/do.

PHEW! Thanks!

Actually purging removes files that are no longer available (moved, deleted or renamed) from the list. Remove just removes the selected files from the list, no files are deleted.

If you don’t like to review the files pending, you can switch Defense+ to Safe Mode. That way no files accumulate in the list. That’s what I do.

I also set Defence+ to safe mode. A good way to use the purge feature though is in Firewall and also Defence+ >Advanced >Network Security Policy where the purge feature will eliminate programs no longer on your PC.

Yes, that’s where the purging comes really in handy.