What does it mean The Size Of Raw data is valued illegal! Binary might crash your disassembler/debugger?

what does this mean?

@ilgaz or anybody can you guys explain what this means?

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so that means that this malware has Anti-Debbuging techniques.Static Analysis Overall Verdict says Highly Suspicious which is Malware

Could be.

A “normal” file would have a correct PE header and I would assume that malware would also have correct header information as otherwise they’d get flagged? So this could be anything really.

Could also be a corrupted file for that matter.

Feel like AV etc tools sometimes take shortcuts or dumb things down too much, so when they say “anti debugging techniques” that could be something as simple as packing the executable to make it smaller (typical in demo-scene and for game-trainers), which somehow triggers AV solutions and they throw a “generic.blabla-2452” in your face.

Raw data means any laboratory worksheets, records, memoranda, notes, or exact copies thereof, that are the re- sult of original observations and activities of a nonclinical laboratory study and are necessary for the reconstruction and evaluation of the report of that study.