What does Defense+ and Sandbox modes ?

Still new to COMODO , i have read online about the Defense + and Sandbox modes, i slight understand them but can someone give me a more simple breakdown on how and what does both this Defense+ and Sandbox modes do? Because my english isn’t so good

Is it still safe if i DISABLE both Defense+ and Sandbox modes ?

Im actually using CIS , so if i do disable both Defense and Sandbox do i still get protection from my Anti-Virus and Firewall that’s inside CIS ?

First, here’s my article on How to Install Comodo Firewall. It may help you to better understand what a HIPS does.

I would recommend leaving Defense+ active. It’s the main protection for CIS and actually provides the self-protection for CIS.

The sandbox was developed so that users wouldn’t have to answer so many alerts. Therefore, you should be just as well protected if you disable just the sandbox, but you’ll have to answer more alerts. Therefore I’d advise you leave both it and Defense+ active.

Also, the sandbox has different levels of security. The higher you go the more protection you’ll have, although the default is still quite secure, but less and less programs will be able to run while inside it. For a more detailed explanation of how the different settings work please see this page of the help files.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


Hmm so the ANTI VIRUS in the CIS only detects and removes and doesn’t prevent ?

About the Defense+ its a program to prevent files being changed / malwares running in my PC right ?

Defense+ wont delete / quarantine files ?


It will prevent changes in general from unknown programs and protect your computer. The way it works depends on how you have the sandbox configured.

Correct. It will only monitor, and possibly block, file behaviors or attempts to make changes.

Understanding the sandbox is also important.

Do you have any questions about that?

Hmm no more i guess , but its weird that time the COMODO without me noticing / permission deleted or maybe block (i think its deleted because i went to search for the file it was gone) , some of the files which 1 of my program requires to run it , i had to uninstall it and re-install and add them to the TRUSTED FILES and EXCLUSION list in ANTI VIRUS to prevent it happening again…i was sure its COMODO’s doing because it never happen before until after i installed COMODO

Also weird thing is i went to ANTI VIRUS quarantine the files arent even there :cry:

I had no idea what it actually happen to them :-\

But also later after re-installing everything back and added to TRUSTED files later on , i only found the BLOCK files in the Defense+ , maybe they ended up there or something

But…so far there isn’t any more of this problems , yet , well hopefully it wont happen again or least asking my permission first = ="

I now have all the settings correct , so i think won’t have problems in future , maybe only that my TRUSTED FILE list will pile up like a skyscraper ;D

I only two options the AV can do without user interaction is quarantine or block. It will not delete files.