What do you use to update your software? FileHippo.com Update Checker

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I have quite few programs to keep track of, and I prefer doing things myself instead of trusting other solutions, so I include a visit on filehippo.com and freewarefiles.com every day - along with the other site I visit. (-www-)


Seconded !!! I use FileHippo, SoftVisia, Softpedia, and some other sites too (-www-) - → red ;D

I check manually from the manufacturer’s website a few times each year.

I use WebMon available here !
Put in the web page to monitor, tell it every how many minutes/day’s to check the page.
Optional you can filter on text like “latest version…”.

And there you go, always the updates straight from the vendor.
I made it a habit to put every application that i install to also enter in WebMon so i keep up2date.

The only site I use to check for software updates, etc is filehippo.com But I also use other sites… Filehippo is my main one and I only download software from there unless otherwise.


The Software is updated. The Software is great.

filehippo is a simple website, No Reviews, Straight to the business which I like. I go to other sites for reviews on certain software if I want too. So instead of seeing what a site is about like download.com, news, etc… Filehippo is like “Ok, Here are the latest updates, here are the software and its categories, go for it” Which ME PERSONALLY, Like.


You’re a good guy J2897. (:KWL)