What do you think of Obama so far...asked BusinessWeek.....and I said......

Melih’s interview on Obama with Businessweek

so what do you think?


Sounds reasonable to me, I think it’s much about business in the US.

Considering what he was given when he took office, not a bad job.

It’s the fringe right nutjobs that are causing this nation grief and misery and need to move on and let go of the old ways.
How they have the audacity to call him anti-business when he himself is making money off his books to this day is mind boggling.

Imagine the alternative? McCain and PALIN??? lol

I agree that Obama can talk… But actually I never felt any “wow” factor over the stuff he says… I think some other presidents has been better talkers… But I definitely think he was the best pick of the “options” presented… 88) as you say, he makes the right noises but if he succeed in making the economy look good again we will have to wait and see… Its not an easy task fixing a bad economy… but as he puts it… “we can”… =)

Lets see… =)

a political thread? I’m already chomping at the bit.

Don’t worry, I won’t go into any sociopathic rant. Being the newbie, I defer to my seniors. Plus, I realize this is an internet security forum, not the Metal Archives’ Symposium, so you would probably like to keep the political stuff light. Your word is my command.

That being said…

it’s true that the ‘fringe right nutjobs’ are causing great harm; nevertheless, sadly, the political system is so infested with corporate influence that even someone with the best intentions can get entangled. Long story short, the responsibility of any good citizen of a true democracy is to try to be well-informed on important issues, and exercise vigilance. We can’t expect every politician to be smart, righteous and honest, all the time.

Imagine the alternative? McCain and PALIN??? lol
lol indeed

I agree, but it probably comes from the time we live in. Politicians have to be so much more careful to use precise (or purposefully imprecise) language, in order not to be attacked.

I didn’t catch the speeches that eventually got him elected, but that phrase “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” is brilliant. I don’t know if he wrote it by himself or not, though. That “yes we can” does sound kind-of silly, doesn’t it? But it proved catchy, and one has to be grateful for every little thing that serves to encourage and inspire.

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this topic’s about economy 88)

I’ve got a sister living in Canada with her husband. He came to the USA and paid for his surgery that he was going to wait 3 months to get. I guess that did save Canada money. The health care is rationed. Why would we want that? I guess to a lot of you that makes me a right wing nut job. Just remember everyone gets old!