What do you think about notification system in CCE?

My idea:
CCE will give small notification every time if needed.


After starting in Aggressive mode.

When new version is available:

Updated failed. Suggestion that it could be due to hosts, DNS, proxy changes made by malware (very common).

Notification when we are running system in safe mode :wink:

CCE updates Virus definitions in the background… it would be cool if user was aware of it.

What do you think?

I like it. :-TU

Very Informative, very much useful.

I like them too… Hope we will get them soon.

love the idea this is exactly what CCE needs

What??? Still no offer from Comodo, Morph?


Good :-TU

These “notifications” would be okay if, CCE “was ever” a part of CIS! But, wasn’t the entire purpose of CCE ONLY to be a software that could be placed onto a “flash drive” and used only in the case of a “system” that had already been infected?

Sure, as I had stated in the very beginning of this message; these notifications would be great if there was some day that these features along with CCE would be implemented into a future release of CIS. But, at this point in the original “reasons” for CCE, I do not see how these notifications would be plausible.

I mean unless the “Melih” had ever changed his opinion on what and how CCE would be used.


Very Cool! I like it +100

i agree 100% :-TU


Since CCE development process is ongoing again I’ve added a poll.
Cast your votes :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,
Please vote and we decide if we need this in standalone CCE version.

At the moment, all information is instant and rightly so.
e.g. for new version case, when you launch CCE it checks for new version and immediately notifies and update process is not in background.

So please keep latest CCE functionality in mind while voting and also will be great to see more use cases of this “notification panel”.