What do you people think of having a cloud OS (like Windows Cloud OS)

What do you people think of having a cloud OS (like Windows Cloud OS)??

While there are some benefits to a cloud OS, I just think that just terrible. I believe the Google and Windows are going to come up with one for the next version. I want my own offline copy. If that goes through, then it’s the MAC or Linux for me

I think the windows cloud is going to flop down :slight_smile:

Eh. I dont even like the idea of cloud computing…
I mean yeah its great to have in some POV but honestly,
Just more ways a bad guy can get our info its just ‘easier’

Just bad idea from the gecko.

Only reason i have windows is because of CIS and other software, but if CIS/EasyVPN etc could run on Linux, I’d already have Fedora Installed lol


I think that Windows 8, at least the coming Windows OS, will be Cloud based.

sp if your internet connection goes down, you’re ■■■■■■■ and can’t do anything on your computer. no thanks.

I have Satellite Internet Connection and with the little extra latency this has I think it would cause more noticable lag. I think it could be a pain in my situation.

Its not. Not like chrome OS anyway.

Thanks for correcting me. I know at least that something will be cloud base in the next windows OS.

Merry christmas on you MetalShaun


I believe your referring to MicrosoftLive Essentials


i only wan to know is if it have hard disk.
what if i wan to save a 4gb video
i insert my usb pen drive, then i clic copy…then…?
it will be uploaded? if yes then it will be a pain at 12kb sec
it should be saved on disk first, then if nessesary be uploaded in a passive way