What do scanning optimiztions do?

Hi, I can’t figure out exactly what the scanning optimizations do for realtime scanning. Do they increase speed? Do they increase security? I’d like to know what the tradeoffs are.

Hi sinclair,

enabling this option actually makes the scanning run in the background, to reduce consumption of system resources and speedup the scanning process.

OK. By decreasing the priority of the task does this delay the antivirus scan and increase risk? If a computer has high CPU use from normal tasks then would this delay an antivirus scan by a significant length of time?

Those scanning optimizations will run a scan in the background when you’re using your computer. When the a file is scanned and found clean the AV will remember until the next update of the AV signatures. That way the resident shield will use up less resources because files that are seen once will no longer be scanned until the next signature update.

Hi, I’m not sure that it’s true that Comodo is saving information when using scanning optimizations. I looked for active hard drive activity with and without the scanning optimizations enabled and I see no difference. Is Comodo saving information to RAM instead?

If you keep an eye on CPU usage by cavwp.exe you will see it will become active. If you check CIS Task Manager you may then see the tasks cache builder or cache cleaner active. That’s when it is doing scanning optimization tasks.

They removed the cache builder in v10.

Everything is stored in a local database, to see information stored about a file you need to enable comodo property page in explorer file properties window by modifying the registry. You can easily do this using the attachment from this post, then you can open a files properties and click the comodo tab to view the information. Then look for the entry “cavse”: it will list the avdb version that was used to scan the file and what heuristic level it was scanned with.

As I read you want to know what work of scanning optimizations.
This option creates for those systems which are working on high load then this option runs your scanning in background and save your ram for your work and also reduce you system resources consumption and also speed up the scanning process.
Hope now you understand what’s the use of that option.