What do I do first

Hi Guys,

My virus scan with McAfee runs out in 4 days and I thought I would give this free version of Comodo Anti-Viruspyware a go.
Do I delete my McAfee virus scan before downloading Comodo and is it as good as McAfee. I am already using Comodo Firewall, and I have had no problems with it
Please, no technical answers, as I am not a computer guru, just an ordinary human being.
Best Regards (:WAV) (:WAV)

My advice… don’t wait the 4 days… uninstall McAfee and install the CAVS.

I didn’t regret this move (I was using Panda Internet Security before).

Good luck!


I too was using McAfee. It was slow and seemed to really bog the system down at bootup. I disabled McAfee the uninstalled it through the control panel. After the removal of McAfee make sure you reboot before you install CAV. You will not be displeased. CAV is a much better program! I would strongly recomment Comodos Firewall also if you are not running it already.

Good Luck!