What did you do to the Firewall?

What happened to the Comodo Firewall? I just got through building a new computer to replace an AMD Socket A that had gotten long in the tooth (and died, actually), and replaced its hard drives. I thought this would be a good time to install the latest versions of my operating software so I downloaded all the newest versions, which included the Comodo Firewall. When I tried to install it, it got to the 10th reboot when I decided that was enough and killed the installation. Apparently, enough had gone through that the firewall seemed to work, so I let it go. No chance, Charlie! It wouldn’t even let itself run, stopped everything I tried to access, and basically destroyed my access to anything. I managed to get it uninstalled using one of Revo’s products, so I can use my computer again, but the firewall will remain uninstalled until I get an explanation of what Comodo did to it. I’ve been using Comodo for years, and thought it the best product of its kind, but this latest version is evil incarnate. I won’t even dwell on the process of sneaking in Geek Buddy and Dragon in the installation, and cleverly hiding the option in the initial installation screen. Good luck, Comodo. I’m going someplace else.

Sorry to hear you had such a messed up start. Before I start. I am not a Comodo Staff member (they have different avatars here) but an end user like yourself with a moderator badge.

The thing that strikes me is that you had to go through many reboots. What made you reboot up to 10 times? Where there alerts? Or where things not working?