What comes to my mind when I think of comodo...

Seriously… you develop new tools do not care for them and then they rod… You see I like comodo because it is free… but to be honest… the tools are often treated very badly and at the moment I am not willing to pay… you see: Endpoint Protection, fine it was free… but charging 40 bucks per user for one of the worst (as some reviews showed) antivirus software? Seriously… Then I buy another solution that is better and cheaper.

And how about Comodo One? I signed up and you guys start spamming my phone and mail at the office. Not to mention about clients that do not connect.

Comodo Koregon (how ever it is spelled?) The download link is not even working (from multiple different internet connections) for days and several other websites are unavailable from my location… how is that possible?

And Comodo Backup? Not even a word about fixes or updates… you see… you guys have great ideas but you mess around with them so that in the end they feel cheap.

I still like many of your tools and the fact they are free but I can not explain my boss anymore why we should choose Comodo… I simply can’t I am making a fool out of myself.