What caused this bluescreen?


My fathers computer has been suffering from frequent bluescreens, we’ve tried a fresh installation of Windows 7 but that hasn’t helped.

I’m not well versed in reading the dumps that Windows collects during bluescreens which is why I’m asking for assistance here. Is anyone here familiar with reading these files and finding the cause of the bluescreens? If so, could you please take a look at the attached file and see if you can find the issue?

Edit: I realize that it’s only the minidump that I’ve attached, the memory dump is much too large to attach here and I’m not sure what other things one may get out of it, like passwords etc, so I will only give that out on request from someone I trust.

Thank you!

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If you have BSODs after fresh windows install, it’s most likely hardware problem(s).

What is \ are STOP code(s) are you getting?

They are usually at the bottom of the BSOD screen, STOP:0x000007e for example.

I think there were three of those numbers, currently running chkdsk so can’t get them at the moment.

I ran Nir Soft BlueScreenViewer and it highlighted hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe or ntoskrnl.dll (can’t remember)

I agree that it is most likely hardware issue, although not sure what component, CPU or RAM seems most likely but don’t know which, if CPU then it’s just get a new laptop, but if RAM then one could get off cheaper by replacing it (maybe)

This is the info from the minidump (see screenshot)

I don’t really know hot to deal with them (minidumps) either… but it seem to point to hardware failure, or in some cases overheat or overclock error.

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Thanks, the CPU isn’t overclocked, so likely it’s either overheating or some component is broken (maybe CPU cache is faulty)

Hi Sanya,
Windows 7 has a memory diagnostics tool, found under ‘Administrative tools’ in the control panel.

Action Centre>Maintenance>View Reliability History, might shed some light on the cause.

Speccy by Piriform will show the running temperature of some hardware components, depending on the system.

Kind regards.

Once chkdsk has finished can you post the stop code and the error name?

Sorry, I’m no longer in possession of the laptop, I’ve decided to give him my old laptop instead.

From the minidump, error code is 0x124