What can you use DiskShield for?

  1. You want to give your computer to your kids, but you want it back in one piece and without your settings modified, without having games installed, without having all sort of ■■■■ introduced to your PC!!

Pls write your thoughts about what Diskhield can be used for.


you have something against kids that change your computer :wink:
My mother really needs it , I just can’t stay of her pc ;D


  1. Use it in place of all of your security apps. If you were to get infected, just restart and the virus(es) would be removed.

you can use the app for testing purposes if you want some programs to test.

It is usefull if you want to be anonymousle on the web.

It is usefull if you always want the same configuration at all time on your pc.

If you want to erase all pc activity on your pc

Almost all the reasons ;D

I might need this when I’m out of the house for a few days. Usually when I come back my brother or sister uses my computer and something is wrong. Not always, but sometimes. Was completely unaware of this release.

I’ll check out the bugs and might give it a shot. (B)

I think it’s nice tool to pretect my PC from virus/Trojan/unmeant modification/installation…

My wife,My son are not able to keep their PCs clean and normal.

I think all motivations for using CDS have been mentioned already, I can only tell my vision.

The number of threats has increased enormously, so much that it is impossible to blacklist all of them. That’s why developpers of scanners have to make a choice and detect/remove the most dangerous threats only and the rest of the threats, which are not detected/removed remain on your computer.
The majority of the users (= less-knowledgeable users) don’t know this, because their scanners tell them “Congrats, 0 threats found !!!” and that message gives them the illusion of having a malware-free computer, but being malware-free in your mind, doesn’t mean you have a malware-free system also, although most average users like to believe this.
I consider myself as an average user with a very poor knowledge of internet, malware and anti-malware, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid and when a scanner tells me I’m malware-free, I always think “What about the threats, you didn’t detect/remove ?”. That kept me awake until I discovered Immediate System Recovery (ISR) softwares, like CDS.
Of course CDS is too new and still in beta, so I use another ISR-software, but that doesn’t matter.

As a preparation, I first separated system and data completely for several good reasons, which also means I can now use any new ISR-software and replace any ISR-software with another one without any problems and without being worried about my data, because my data isn’t an obstacle anymore in my system partition.

An ISR-software, like CDS keeps my system partition UNCHANGED during EACH reboot. Each threat “changes” your harddisk, that’s how threats betray themselves, that’s their weakness. Use that weakness to remove them, because the anti-dote of “change” is “anti-change” and CDS is an “anti-change” software.
CDS removes three types of threats : known threats + unknown threats + unborn threats. That’s the perfect removal tool of threats of today and of any day after today in the future.
Another VERY BIG advantage of CDS is that ANY user can use it, including less-knowledgeable users.
There is alot more to tell, but that is enough for today. :wink:

I’ll use this program to test programs. If i didn’t like them or have got a “present”, i’ll reboot and registryand/or infection cleaned.
If you install and uninstall a lot of programs( i like to do it), registry became full of trash.
And, of course, when my sister com to my house and use my PC, reboot, and possibles problems are out.

Will this program be free or commercial?

Can anybody from Comodo answer my question? Please! (:SAD)

I’m not from Comodo but AFAIK Diskhield will be free

Great! I can’t wait for a final release. (:NRD) It seems it will work like a virtual machine. :BNC


comodo’s very own “Time machine” for a PC. :-TU

Very well written.

Are you saying that DiskShield is for free or are you asking that?
I just want to confirm if Diskshield is for free. Thank you. :slight_smile:

DiskShield is free, but it will be replaced by Comodo Time Machine (also free) this year. :slight_smile: